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Sound clips of various Sebago Sound amps.

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Doug Doppler playing a 25W DT25 Overdrive Special 1x12 combo

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Doug Doppler playing a 100W Texas Flood Steel String Singer.

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Terry Haitt at the Fox Theatre with his 80's voiced Double Trouble Amp.

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Sebago Sound dealer Gelb Music's Kevin and guitarist Tony Baker demonstrating the Sebago Double Trouble Amp.

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Gary Pihl, guitarist with Boston, Sammy Hagar, and Alliance with his Double Trouble amp.

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Gelb Music's Cold Feet - Terry and Kevin both playing Double Trouble 80's voiced amps

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Sebago Sound is now offering a blue-printed version of the now famous Dumble Overdrive Deluxe amp seen in the video on the right.   Not "sorta like" or "our interpretation of", but the real deal implementation of the original amp.  The video on the left is a clip of the Sebago amp, played by Danny Click.  Danny owned the original OD Deluxe and now owns two of the Sebago versions.  This amp is built to order.  If you would like more information, please contact us via our contact page.



The story behind the only existing 25W Dumble Overdrive Deluxe

This amp has quite a story behind it.  The original owner the amp, who dealt directly with Dumble, sent him a Blackface Deluxe for the conversion.  After much time had elapsed, and much haggling with Dumble, the amp finally arrived at his doorstep.  It had clearly been built from a Silverface Deluxe, not the original Blackface that had been sent as the donor.  This is evident from the plastic coated original wring vs. the cloth coated wiring used in the BF version, as well as other components that were left as is in the amp.  The Overdrive Deluxe as delivered also had a few technical issues, and kept going down.  Rather than send it back to Dumble for work, he had a local technician work on the amp.  The end result was certainly anything but pretty as far as the build quality and wiring goes, but the tone, sustain, and harmonic content were out of this world.   The original amp has many modifications that now show up in the Ultraphonix amps, particularly the Tremolo circuit mods which are almost identical to many seen in Twin and Showman Ultraphonix amps built by Dumble recently.  The amp was shipped with an Altec 417A speaker, which is a lightweigh cone low power version of the 417 series.  The original 417A's are nearly impossible to find.  The 417B and 4178C are tonally very close, but also difficult to find in unmodified condition.  We've tested many speakers with the amp, including many vintage original Altec 417 series speakers and have settled on the Eminence Eric Johnson signature speaker as a production worthy substitute for the Altec.  It is a 40W speaker with a very lightweigh cone, which mimics the original and gives the amp it's very dynamic touch sesnitivity and lively feel. 

Danny (playing in the videos) bought the amp from the original owner, who asked not to have his name used publicly.  He kept it as part of his amp collection for several years, gigging and recording with it.  He eventually sold it to Keith Urban, who now has the amp up for sale again.  Before he sold the amp he allowed us to blue-print it and the results speak for themselves.

Please call us or use the contact page to inquire about pricing for this amp.