Frequently Asked Questions

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Sound clips of various Sebago Sound amps.

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Doug Doppler playing a 25W DT25 Overdrive Special 1x12 combo

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Doug Doppler playing a 100W Texas Flood Steel String Singer.

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Terry Haitt at the Fox Theatre with his 80's voiced Double Trouble Amp.

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Sebago Sound dealer Gelb Music's Kevin and guitarist Tony Baker demonstrating the Sebago Double Trouble Amp.

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Gary Pihl, guitarist with Boston, Sammy Hagar, and Alliance with his Double Trouble amp.

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Gelb Music's Cold Feet - Terry and Kevin both playing Double Trouble 80's voiced amps

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Were does the name Sebago (pronounced  se-BAY-go) Sound come from?

Sebago Lake is a lake in the great state of Maine.  The lake is one of the many in the region named after Native American tribes that once inhabitated the territory.  Its shimmering crystal clear water, deep colorful foliage, and winds that transform from a whisper to a full gale are some of the images we had in mind when creating the Double Trouble line of amplifiers.

How do I order my amp?

First take a look at the "Order" page which has all the options and pricing for the various amps we offer.  Then visit our "Contact" page to get in touch with us.  All of our amps are built to order.   You can call or send an email via the Contact page and we will respond to any questions you have and finalize the options for your dream amp.  Once you have sent us your deposit you will be contacted when you amp is being built and we can arrange the final payment and shipping.

What is the lead time for my amp?

The exact lead time won't be known until you place your order, but they generally run eight to ten weeks.  Our goal is to keep the lead times as short as possible, we want you to be out playing your Sebago as soon as possible!

What is the deposit required when I place my order?

We take a small $250 deposit via PayPal to get your amp in the queue.  The remainder is due when your amp is ready to ship and there are a few different payment options available at that time.  If you don't have a PayPal account, that's fine, we can arrange an alternative method for the deposit payment as well.

How are Sebago Sound amps made?

By hand, one at a time.  All sockets, pots, jacks and switches are mounted directly to the chassis to ensure the highest reliability.  Every wire is cut, routed and solderded by hand.  All of the coax and preamp wires from the pots, jacks and main board are hand terminated and routed as they were in the original Dumble amps that the Sebago amps are modeled from.  After construction each amp is hand tested and burned in before shipping.  See our technical information page for more on what's inside our amps.

Can I buy a matching speaker cabinet for my Sebago Sound head?

Yes, we offer a variety of speaker cabinets, all made to order.  The lead time for cabinets is four weeks.  You can specify the type of speakers and configuration of the cabinet, we also offer unloaded cabinets if you have your own speakers.  We offer 1x12 and 2x12 configurations, open back or closed back.  Visit our Order page for current pricing.

We offer Warehouse Guitar Speakers (WGS) speakers as standard in our cabinets.  We done extensive testing of the WGS speakers next to their Celestion counterparts and the many players we've tested with have all been very impressed with the tone.  We offer your choice of the Veteran 30 or Lead 80.  Check out the WGS web site for more information on their products.  We feel they are a wonderful US made speaker and are proud to offer them in our cabinets.

Does Sebago Sound offer custom configurations and tweaks?

Yes, we can do just about anything you want, from custom colors and materials on the cabinets to circuit modifications.  We can also customize the output transformer type and tubes of your choice.  If you live in a country with a voltage specification we don't have in stock, we can customize the power transformer to your specifications.  Email or call us with your requirements and to request a quote.

How much does it cost to ship my amp?

We will provide you with an exact quote when you place your order, but here are some guidelines:

Of course it depends on where you live.  Sebago Sound is located in San Jose California.  Inside the continental US we use UPS or USPS ground transportation.  For a head only the shipping charge is typically $85 to $100 and includes all the necessary insurance.  The shipping weight of the 50W and 100W heads is about 40lbs.  Combos and 2x12 speaker cabinets can be quite a bit more because of the large box size and extra weight.

We have shipped amps all over the world.  If you are an international customer we use either Fedex, UPS, or DHL international express which usually takes 5-7 business days.  Shipping charges vary by country, but are in the range of $250 to $285 for Europe and Japan.